Joyous Dinner @ Pow Sing Restaurant

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Cutlery and Nuts

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 (Serangoon Garden)
18th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

It has been a long time since my art clique met up, this time round we met up because our beloved teacher is finally back from the States, hungry for some Singaporean food. My friend, recommended Pow Sing Restaurant for the occasion and their signature Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The restaurant is rather spacious and the service was quite good. The waitress who served was experienced and would recommend how much would be enough for our group.

Plain Water would cost you 20 cents here. The home-made barley was 1.80 SGD and the lime juice was 1.80 SGD. Pickle and peanuts were being served as soon as you get seated so you can have some thing to munch as you decide what to order. (1.50 SGD for each plate would be charged as well and the towels, 30 cents each).

The menu features the usual Chinese dishes Sweet and Sour Pork etc as well as some Nonya or Southeast Asian sounding dishes.

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Lotus Root and Red Date Soup

For our group of five, we the Lotus Red Date Soup first (14.00 SGD - Medium), the soup was very good. Flavourful, yet not heavy and oily, the accompanying pork meat was very tender. This would be my favourite item for the meal.

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce

How can we not have some vegetables? We ordered the Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce (10.00 SGD – Medium). While I like that the sauce here was rather light and not starchy at all, I felt that there wasn’t enough flavour. The kai lan was crunchy though.

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish (15.00 SGD – Medium) was nice but not great. Served with onions, pineapples etc, I would prefer that it to be crispier on the outside, but as with the other dishes, the sauce wasn’t thick and starchy like many of the Sweet and Sour Fish I had in other places.

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Nonya Crispy Squid

The Nonya Crispy Sotong (12.00 SGD – Medium) was recommended by another friend of mine. It didn’t click with me. I didn’t enjoy this dish (not only because I don’t eat spicy stuff, and I find it is rather tasteless as well. Imagine eating something over fried without much meat left and add a heavy dosage of spiciness to it. It is probably a dish which some will love or hate it.

Pow Sing Restaurant 報喜 - Hainanese Chicken

The Hainanese Chicken (4 SGD per pax) was quite nice. You could eat it with the condiments provided (ginger, soy sauce and chilli). It was rather tender and the sauce that comes with it was just nice, not too salty with a slight sweet finish.

The Chicken Rice comes separately, which will cost you 90 cents for free flow of rice per head(*Correction!)

The total bill for this dinner was 89.20 SGD for 5 persons (who were quite full) after a 7% GST, apparently, no service charge.

Overall, I find the dinner quite okay, and I enjoyed the Lotus Red Date Soup a lot. You get to dine in an air conditioned environment as well. The restaurant is a nice place for family gatherings or just a big group gathering and not too expensive but definitely pricier than the coffee shop tze-char eateries.

Pow Sing Restaurant (Serangoon Gardens)

65 Serangoon Garden Way

Tel: +65 6282 7972

Opening hours
11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm


  1. Ahh.. I live pretty near Pow Sing so I had been eating here since I was a kid.

    Pity you dun take spicy food, their curry fish head is outstanding. And the deep fried tofu is one of the smoothest I can find around.

    And oh, if they haven change the rule, rice is actually 90 cents per head, free refill =)

  2. hi!

    =/ orh too bad. heh but I can try the tofu (:

    Still got plenty of chance to eat there, since my school was near Pow Sing, just a one or two bus stops away, my the teachers love to go there for lunch and its not too far from my home via car.

    Thanks about the rice, it slipped my mind, rule hasn't changed ;)

  3. Hi Xinli! The food looks good! (as well as the new layout of the TheMoose...keep it up!) *smile*

  4. to raine: Thank you! =) you going for the gathering this saturday?

  5. Yes, I'm joining this Saturday...I saw your email that you already have another TheMoose food trip...hope you guys can join for dinner :)

  6. to HungryTrotters: yep hopefully I can join for dinner or dessert =) I am flying off to HK the next day!

  7. hi there, is there a need to make reservations for this restaurant?

  8. to ZH: my friend made a reservation beforehand but there were a few empty tables around when we went to the restaurant, walk in shouldn't be a problem I guess.



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