Hong Kong : A Burger Done Right @ Triple O's

Triple O's at Sha Tin

3rd December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Hong Kong ,China
I am normally not a fan of burgers but when almost every option at the mall was full house or too expensive, we decided to have dinner at Triple O’s White Spot instead, a Canadian burger chain. Their meals aren’t cheap compared to McDonalds or KFC and perhaps even Carls Junior.

Triple O's Original Burger Meal

However, at the end of the meal, I found little to complain about the price. For a fastfood restaurant, their burger patties were pretty good. I could actually taste the beef, not some dry, minced up meat patty but a really good juicy beef patty.

Triple O's Original Burger

The sauce in the burger complements the beef rather than try to mask it or something. In short, it is decent burger, nothing over the top, nothing less...no its not patty sandwiched by two patties, or burger covered in cheese but a simple, delicious burger and the fries were just nice too. However, like most fast food, it was a bit oily.

A Triple O’s Original Burger Meal: 95 HKD (roughly 11-12 SGD)

Triple O’s
Various Locations in Hong Kong


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