Belgrade | Serbian Cuisine at Tri Šešira

Our tutor and us headed down to Skadarlija district of Belgrade, often compared to the Montmartre of Paris. It is also unsurprisingly a little more touristy than other parts of Belgrade with restaurants etc serving "authentic Serbian cuisine". Because of this, I was slightly skeptical of the food here.

We went to a restaurant called Tri Sesira or "Three Hats" for an early dinner. While the restaurant goes back to 1864, it has the traits of a tourist restaurant : English menus, "folk music band"....I was cynical as I recalled the subpar experiences in London and Paris.

We started off with some bread and Shopska Salad, also known as Bulgarian Salad. This turned is our favourite salad for days to come, we just couldn't quite get enough of the mix of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and shredded cream cheese. Also it goes very well with heavier food like roasted and grilled meats.

Miloševa Sablja (1210 RSD: 15 SGD) is loosely translated as Milo's Sword, named after Miloš Obilić, a Serbian knight and national hero. It is a mixed grill of chicken fillet, filet mignon, Leskovac meat fritters, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, veal steak and vegetables. Leskovac style fritters also known as leskovački uštipci are minced veal mixed with cheese, bacon, paprika and rolled into fritters.A favourite for meat-lovers.

Pohovane Paprike Punjene urnebes Salatom (380 RSD : 5 SGD) is easily our favourite, juicy, meat and sweet red peppers stuffed with a creamy salad fried in a batter. It was very delicious and tasty. Loved the mix of textures as well. Never quite had anything like this before. The dinner is turning out to be an enjoyable one.

Zapečeni Prebranac (320 RSD: 4 SGD), a thick and very heavy side dish of baked beans.

Another Serbian specialty is a kind of cheese called kaymak, which is a kind of soft dairy spread like clotted cream but savoury. Our tutor ordered a mix platter of ćevapčići or minced meat shaped into small sausages to pair with the kaymak. The Miks ćevapčića or Chevap Mix cost 740 RSD : 9 SGD. Pretty interesting and the cevapi reminded me of robust flavours in chorizo sausages but having the texture of a hamburg steak or burger patty. This was pretty delicious!

Karađorđeva šnicla (940 RSD: 12 SGD) or Escalope Karađorđe is rolled pork steak stuffed with kaymak, bread and fried. By this time, we were a little stuffed. A squeeze of lemon juice and the sour cream helps balance off the heaviness of this dish.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed the meal. The food is comparatively more expensive but still very affordable. The company's great, atmosphere was relaxing and food's decent. Also, the breaded stuffed peppers were awesome.

Tri Šešira
Beograd 11000, Serbia


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