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15th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Amsterdam has plenty of eateries selling pancakes. Fascinated by this obsession with pancakes in the city, we decided to try it at Sara’s Pancakes for lunch.

Sara's Pancakes - Cheese and Onion

I had the recommended Traditional Savoury Cheese and Onion Pancake (8.95 EUR). It resembled prata with cheese and onions. Nothing near fantastic but the portion was huge and it could be easily shared among two or three persons.

Sara's Pancakes - Sugar

My younger brother decided to go for something sweet. He had the Sugar and Butter Pancake (4.50 EUR) and it was covered in icing sugar when my younger brother gave a nod to “do you want sugar?” The snow white pancake was slightly more tantalizing despite its simplicity.

Howver, both pancakes did not fare well in terms of texture, it was like a poorly done prata. No pancakes from Sara in the future. A 100ml bottle of water cost a whopping 4 EUR here.

Sara's Pancakes

Raadhuisstraat 45,
Amsterdam 1016, The Netherlands



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