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I normally have a National Day gathering with some friends. This year instead of booking a place to cook, we decided to revisit a favourite restaurant of ours : Black Sheep Cafe where Chef Ratha has very graciously and enthusiastically created a National Day themed menu.

It is a three-course menu where we get two choices for each the appetizer and main course except for the dessert. Appetizer was a choice of Pepper Crab Soup above or Chilled Prawns with Laksa Panna Cotta. The Pepper Crab Soup was very rich and thick while the Chilled Prawns is a contrast with a plethora of textures of flavours such as....

fruity mango salsa with springy, succulent prawns and a smooth pudding of laksa. I rather enjoyed this starter.

For mains, it is a choice of Lamb or Duck. The Lamb was tender and does not carry that heavy gamey flavour as expected from Black Sheep Cafe. However, compared to its signature lamb shank, I though the Kambing Soup approach results in a pot-roast kind of dish. I was would have love a little bit more kick from the sauce etc. Perhaps this is so that the lamb will be a contrast to the heavier and more richly seasoned and prepared Duck Penyet.

The Duck Penyet was really good, a nice contrasting textures of crispy crushed skin and very tender and juicy meat. The garlic rice is a little strange as a side but the duck on its own was amazing.

Dessert, a pandan souffle with gula melaka was very memorable. I just love how fragrant and fluffy the souffle is and the addition of gula melaka was just brilliant. I would love to have seconds. There is a version where the souffle was risen from a coconut, which looked impressive but less delicious because parts of the souffle was just too moist.

In a cup like this however, this was a brilliant end to the meal.
Thank you Chef Ratha for the memorable National Day Lunch.

200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04
Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424


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