Golden Mile Food Centre | Roast Meats and Udon

Was down at the Golden Mile Food Centre a couple of times recently to look for some materials for a National Day event. The food here is really cheap in comparison what we have around Marina Square and tasty too. 

On my first visit, I ordered a Mixed Meat Meal for 4 SGD (no additional charge for takeaways too!) from Hong Yang Kee Cantonese Roast. Both the char siew and roasted pork belly were quite decent. The char siew was juicy and well marinated and the pork belly was tender but more on the fatty side. Another bonus was the generous portion. Would go back again for the roast meats!

Just behind Hong Yang Kee was 銀河, a stall serving udon noodles and tendon which was surprisingly decent.

I had the Udon C (5.00 SGD) which came with two prawn tempura, a tempura of fish and chili pepper, which is more like our local take on Japanese food (so don't expect tempura like you had it in Tokyo Nihombashi etc), ingredients deep fried with a batter. The batter isn't too thick, it is crispy and the best part is the soy sauce dressing with a nice touch of ginger.

The udon is okay, noodles are done just right and they even bother to arrange it nicely. 
Like the touch of tempura bits and spring onions as garnish.
At 5.00 SGD, this is quite an enjoyable meal =d

Golden Mile Food Centre 
 505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583


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