A Common Line | a DP50 Exhibition

Neckpain, headaches, heart pain, much coffee, senseless quarrels with some individuals, battles fought with Z monsters and sleep deprivation over the past month. These are just some of the little sacrifices for this 3.6 x 3.6m work entitled "Building Blocks" debuting tomorrow. The DP Architects' 50th Anniversary exhibition is opening tomorrow at the URA Centre. Do drop by and visit the exhibition which ends on 29th September, the team behind the exhibition has worked really hard despite the odds quite like the journey to making these buildings over the firm's history.

This is a timelapse of the work from 11th July to 5th August.

Special thanks to 
Angelene Chan, Tan Chee Kiang, Teoh Hai Pin, Ng Sanson, Melcas Lim, Low Si Ni and Shawn Teo.


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