Ice Cream Gallery @ Eastwood Centre

Yesterday I was down at Tanah Merah for a friend's birthday party.

However, since I was early, I decided to go for a walk. Then I remembered reading about Ice Cream Gallery somewhere and it was located nearby.

The shop is extremely tiny, it is more like kiosk. So there is not much ambience to talk about. Service was alright.

The ice cream I had was the Mint Oreo ice cream. For $3.30, I had about a cup of a ice cream. I was okay with the portion, not enormous or tiny, just nice.

It is quite thick and rich, with generous chunks of oreo cookies embedded into the mint flavoured ice cream.

If you are expecting crunchy cookies, you would be disappointed, it is more on the chewy and moist side. I enjoyed the ice cream (factoring that the weather is so hot) and the fact it was mint-flavoured make it an even more refreshing snack for a hot day. Tastewise, not gorgeous but good enough, similar to Dreyer's Mint and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (but with much more Oreo in it)

Personally, I find $3.30 is slightly expensive for an ice cream, it is more expensive than an Udders classic scoop but portion is slightly larger.

20 Eastwood Road
#01-13 Eastwood Centre

Tel: +65 6246 2926

Opening hours:
11am – 9pm
12noon – 9pm



  1. My friends, please try BLIC. The bestest :)

  2. haha it is under my radar already, after seeing all the nice reviews and photos your blog and other food blogs heh.



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