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I was at the Singapore Writers Festival last weekend where the second leg of the Illustration Arts Fest was still on-going. I chanced upon a stall by Lad & Dad which is a father-son ran eatery based at Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre. Lad & Dad serves British style comfort food and one of their signatures is the Beef Stew with Potato Mash. It was really good, the stew was rich has a fluid texture like a thick soup rather that the thick creamy sort like Japanese curry. Most importantly, the beef chunks was really tender and just right. The potato mash was the chunky kind and goes perfectly with the beef stew.

According to articles by the Straits Times and Makansutra, Lad & Dad, ran by Keith and Desmond Koh slow cooked the stew for at least 8 hours and the added spices such as rosemary, thyme and paprika into the mix. I would be excited to visit their stall at Serangoon Garden Hawker Centre one day where they also offer Yorkshire Pudding, Butter Pound Cake and Mutton Stew.

If you are visiting the Singapore Writers Festival this weekend, you can check out Lad & Dad there again. Unlike their stall at Serangoon Garden Hawker Centre, the stew cost $10 each here.

Lad & Dad
49A, Serangoon Garden Way
Stall 32, Serangoon Garden Hawker Centre


  1. Haha. Beef stew looks good, great as a snack while working (: Yvonne



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