Bukit Timah | Relaxing Evening at Sugarhaus

Sugarhaus and Fat Belly is located at the Serene Centre near Botanic Gardens MRT Station and Adam Road Hawker Centre. The cosy little spot is both a bistro + cafe that aims to provide a casual dining experience where you can enjoy gourmet food and sweets at the same place.

The interiors have an extensive use of wood, and black metallic feature as well as an adorable mural depicting cows and the production of dairy products.

To start, we had some of the brunch offerings such as the Melted Cheese Toastie (12.00++ SGD) from Sugarhaus, a freshly made toastie with three kinds of cheese :Gruyere, cheddar and mozzarella served with tomato soup. It is a really delicious grilled cheese sandwich variation. The tomato soup serves as a tangy complement to the toastie, but it is also very thick and rich which means this dish can be quite jelak (heavy).

However, as expected, it comes with a premium pricing especially with cheese such as gruyere in it. The good points to take away is the lovely buttery grilled toast and rich mix of cheese, just mind the price tag.

For pasta, there is a Crab Linguine (22.00++ SGD) which is al dente linguine tossed with shredded blue swimmer crab claw meat and house spices. It was decent, love the sauce mix. The use of blue swimmer crab claw meat however, meant that the crab meat here is more lean, rather than the chunky bits that I prefer. Thus, I recommend this for sharing rather than having it on your own. The lack of chunky bits makes the textures a little monotonous.

 The Corn & Zucchini Fritters (15.00 ++SGD) is my favourite among the brunch dishes. It has bacon, sunny side up egg served with it and drizzled with sweet, tangy okonomiyaki sauce, creamy kewpie mayo and a generous garnishing of savoury bonito flakes. Compared to the two classics above, if you prefer something more varied in terms of textures and flavours, this is the dish to have. It is also something quite different from the usual brunch items like Eggs Benedict etc.

Fat Belly serves a more gourmet menu that includes steaks and one of the more unconventional cuts is the Denver Steak which comes from the beef chuck primal cut. The Wagyu Marble Score 7-9 Denver Steak (48.00++ SGD) at Fat Belly was flavourful and has a nice amount of marbling to give it that smooth texture but I am not a fan to the slightly chewy texture.

The sides are interesting too, especially the Creamed Kale (5.00++ SGD), a crunchy and creamy salad.

Lastly, the desserts!

Here is the Galaxy Tart (8.00++ SGD) , it is clearly made to be instagram-worthy.

But my attention is to the content : white chocolate mirror glaze, chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly and chocolate crumble. If you like chocolate, this is pretty good, it has three textures of chocolate and of varying flavours of white, dark and milk chocolate from the different chocolate components then balanced by the fruit raspberry jelly. Not bad!

Then there is this Lemon Popsicle Tart (8.00++ SGD) which is the total opposite. I felt the meringue and white chocolate made this a little too sweet for my liking though. It is akin to a richy lemon tart re-constructed as an ice cream.

The Foie Gras Chocolate Bar (12.00++ SGD) from Fat Belly however, is interesting and delicious. If you like goose liver, this "dessert" is like a smooth, mild pate, cleverly paired with sweet condiments like chocolate, caramel and apple jelly. It worked pretty well and I would love to have it again.

Last but not least, one shouldn't miss out on the ice cream from Sugarhaus and one of the best ways to enjoy it is with their freshly made and warm waffles. The waffles cost 6.00++ SGD while a scoop of ice cream cost 4.30++ SGD. My favourite ice cream would be the Sea Salt Toffee and good'ol Dutch Chocolate. I personally find the Strawberry Cheesecake too rich (a scoop ot is can be a dessert on its own. There is also a Hibicus Yogurt which came across as strange.

All in all, there is something for everyone at Sugarhaus + Fat Belly, if you looking for coffee, classic brunch dishes, a little bit more experimental desserts or steaks, they have it. What I enjoyed most about the place is the relaxed and cosy atmosphere. The people behind the counter were rather friendly too. I find some of the items on the menu a little expensive but it seemed like part of the premium goes to the ambiance to the place.

If you want better value for money, order dishes to share and go for the less common dishes, most of which have been pretty good while I had them. Also, don't miss out on the desserts.

Fat Belly + Sugarhaus
10 Jalan Serene #01-03 A
Serene Centre
Singapore 258748

Thank you Food News PR and Sugarhaus for the invitation and hospitality!


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