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Plentyfull has been opened for some time now. It has caught my attention ever since its hoarding was up along Millenia Walk. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out the food at Plentyfull along with a friend. Plentyfull is café space that offers both casual dining by day and something slightly more upscale in the evening. While there is a strong emphasis on Australian food products at its little market corner, the food is given a little Asian twist by the chefs in the kitchen using mushrooms sourced from Singapore or spotting food drawing from the roots of the owners and chefs’ heritage and interests. The overall mood is like having dinner at your friend’s place.

The aesthetics came across as “atas” because rather than churning out another run out of the mill, lobster font-type or build-to-life Kinfolk photo-genic eatery, much attention was paid to the making of its interiors down to the cutlery and plates. The interiors were done by local design firm, Parable which makes a diverse use of materials and textures to emphasize on the origins of food from the land, air and sea. The design was thoughtful and subtle and could easily become a topic of conversation as one looked around for details.

The meal at Plentyfull should begin with a colourful platter of vegetables, the Little Farms’ Vegetable Dip is a must try. While clearly made with a Instagram ready composition, the food goes beyond superficial aesthetics. Mix and match different kinds of lightly grilled and seasoned vegetables on offer with the seasonal dips that include hummus and savoury black garlic dip.

Once in a while you could spot a trolley with seasonal “tapas” on offer. Pleasant surprises for regulars I guess.

The Lamb Prosciutto with Smoked Date was really good, the smoky flavour was a gave this sweet and savoury combination an interesting twist. 

On to the mains, the Pumpkin Pillow Gnocchi, pan-fried pumpkin dumplings, green & pecorino cheese in brown butter and sage sauce was rather decent. It was a mix of sweet and savoury flavours from the pumpkin and pecorino cheese.

My favourite was the unassuming Thai Roasted Chicken with Garlic & Cilantro: roasted half spring chicken with charred cabbage salad and sweet chili jam. The meat was tender, juicy and very well-seasoned. It goes superbly well with the sweet chili jam, which is nothing like the sweet chili sauce one would have expected from the dish description. This is a think, chunky mix with spices and herbs added into the mix. There is a lot more depth and fragrance. You could even buy a jar of this home as it goes pretty well with other meats and even the vegetables in the Little Farms’ Vegetables Dip.

Desserts is another feature of Plentyfull with an array of cakes, tarts and pastries available at the counter.  The Queen’s Cake and Monkey Cake garners curiosity but I wasn’t a fan of the rose-flavoured cake and the thought the Monkey Cake which is essentially chocolate banana was nothing new. 

Both are competently done but I would instead go for the Dulcey Hazelnut Tart: a chocolate tart with valrhona caramelized white chocolate ganache with a crunchy hazelnut feuilitine base. I loved the contrasting textures that come together quite nicely. The mix of chocolate, salt and hazelnut complement each other. It isn’t ground-breaking but it is a damn good tart that I will love to have for tea or with coffee.

Plentyfull also offers a 3 SGD breakfast takeway: it includes a cup of coffee and a croissant.

#01-79/80 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Thank you Food News PR and Plentyfull for the hospitality and invitation!


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