San Wei Xiao Chu

DATE : 160110
around Bukit Batok
Came here for tze char to celebrate my mum's birthday.


Normal Coffee Shop.

FOOD: 2/10

Pork is being served here.

1. Si Ji Dou (French Beans) - $5.00: 1/5
The presentation was horrible and it was too high on the sodium scale. The beans looked like they were shrunken by the high salt content.

2. Gu Ru Rou (Sweet and Sour Pork) - $5.00: 1/5
The meat was real bad, it was too dry and the pineapple tasted weird. I had much better gu ru rou.

3. Sambal Stingray - $15.00: 1/5
Once again, the presentation was slip short, just sambal paste and some cut yellow onions dump on the sting ray. The sting ray wasn't fresh, the meat wasn't fragrant at all. The sambal sauce was just spicy and nothing else.

4. Meat Fried with Salted Fish - $5.00: 3/5
The only dish that was average or better was this dish. The meat was chewy and the hint of salted fish complements well with the dish. But it was brought down by the other dishes because the rest of dishes were more salty than usual.

SERVICE : 4.5/10
So-so. The service is average.

VALUE: 3/10
The food portion is just nice, but for this kind of food, we might as well save the money and have better and cheaper tze char somewhere else.

OVERALL : 3/10
This tze char is horrible. After the whole meal, there is tingling feeling on my tongue and lips. I felt like I just ate salt for dinner, the overall meal was very salty and the dishes are poorly executed except for the Meat Fried with Salted Fish. The biggest disappointment is with the Sting Ray, it is definitely not worth paying for.

The place is suitable for :

Xin Li felt like he just ate Combat Rations at the end of his meal
and WILL NOT visit the place again.


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