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There are two terminals in Taoyuan International Airport. While Terminal 1 is well-known for its new China Airlines Lounge and the Cathay Pacific Lounge, Terminal 2 has less of such options. Our onward flight on Japan Airlines to Osaka KIX was at Terminal 2. We were granted access to China Airlines Lounge. They have two lounges at terminal 2, this was the one near gate D4. It was a rather busy lounge in the morning.

There is quite a nice selection of food at the China Airlines Lounge. Like the Cathay Pacific Lounge, there was a Noodle Bar as well. There were about four options. We had the Dry Noodles with Meat Sauce and a signature Beef Noodles. Both of which are quite delicious.

There was also dimsum and steamed sweet potato, a favourite of my mum. 


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