Chong Qing Zheng Zhong Shan City Steamboat


85 Beach Road
#01-00 Heap Meng House S189694

I went to visit this place together with my colleagues for an after-work dinner. We came here because it was cheap and apparently it was good.


This place reminds me so much of my JC days when I would go to Marina Bay with my class for steamboat. It was crowded and cramped. I certainly did not feel comfortable dining in this kind of environment. It was too crowded and noisy, and we have to squeeze through those crowds to get our food at the buffet bar. One good thing about this place is that it allows you to dine next to the road side and admire the street scenery. Kind of interesting.

FOOD: 3/10

The review was done by us and all of us generally agreed that the food here including the variety ain't that great as they had better ones before for the same price.

They serve pork here.

The steamboat buffet cost $18 per pax.
Including a free flow of drinks such as water chestnut, lime and barley. The drinks were made by themselves but my colleague observed that they did so in large pails that raised a hygiene concern alarm in all of us. However, given the setting, it is quite normal actually. The steamboat buffet is not the kind where you get to grill and boil your food, but rather strictly confined to boiling only.

They offer various kinds of soup bases such as Mala, Tom Yum, Chicken and Chicken and Herbs.

Now let us look at the some of the common items that the buffet has to offer.

1. Prawns (Grey): 4/5
The prawns were fresh, remember to clear the "shit" before cooking it. The size of the prawns got smaller as they changed it.

2. Chicken : 1/5
The chicken wasn't fresh, my colleague observed that it has turned black.

2. Beef : 3/5
The beef was alright.

2. Pork : 2/5
The pork was tasteless.

In addition to these common items, they also have flower crabs, crab meat sticks, abalone mushrooms and other kinds of mushrooms, quite a spread of vegetables etc.

SERVICE : 4/10
So-so. While they top up the soup occassionally, do not clear the plates or dirty food for the customers.

VALUE: 4/10

OVERALL : 4/10
If you don't mind the food quality and environment, you might find this cheaper compared to the surrounding steamboats. Hence valuable. However, there one in Chinatown that cost the same price and has more variety and has a better environment too. With the presence of such competent competitors, this steamboat wasn't that great or cheap afterall. I guess it is one of those steamboat hoping to earn a living out of the steamboat craze around Bugis.

The place is suitable for :
- Buffet
- Dinner
- Large Gathering

Xin Li Felt So-so at the end of his meal
and probably wouldn't visit the place again.


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