B@Rochester | Beef Tongues and Lobster Somen

I had a couple of Entertainer vouchers to expend before 2014. B@Rochester was under both Liang Wei and my radar for a while, so making use of the 1-for-1 main course coupon, we headed down to this modern Japanese restaurant tucked away at Rochester for lunch.

Liang Wei was interested in gyutan (beef tongue) after I posted about my dining experience with it in Sendai recently, so we decided to have the Gyutan (20++ SGD) for appetizer. Unsurprisingly, it was much leaner than its equivalent in Japan but still gives you a taste of the springy texture of beef tongue and the tenderness of wagyu.

Liang Wei had the much raved about Signature Lobster Somen (32++ SGD). The broth was very fragrant and surprisingly light on the plate. The lobster was excellent too. However, I wasn't particularly blown away by this dish.

On the other hand, I thought the Grain-fed Rack of Lamb (38++ SGD) was fared better. The meat was very tender, juicy and the black pepper sauce can't go wrong. Nothing great about the croquette though, just a normal potato croquette.

Too bad the best okonomiyaki ever that we had came for wasn't available. Food here is quite pricey. However, there is a 28++ SGD Lunch Set available which include their Signature Lobster Somen.

8 Rochester Drive
Singapore 139219


  1. so would you say this is only worth it if using Entertainer app? I just bought the app, thinking whether to try b@rochester

    1. yeap I think I would only try it if using the Entertainer app or just take their set lunch. The Entertainer App for 2014 got quite a lot of other potential venues too, saw Bedrock Bar and Grill, Disgruntled Chef, Kaixo, Marmalade Pantries, etc inside too.


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