Adler Hostel : In the Heart of Chinatown

28th May 2013.
A Japanese friend of mine was visiting Singapore in the past few days and he was looking for a place to stay. Hotels are a no-no here as they are pretty expensive for a single and then I remembered Adler Hostel which I did artworks for before. It is a hostel with a different kind of mood than the usual backpackers’ hostel.

Adler Hostel - Lobby

It has the luxury mood. At first I was skeptical about the luxury theme. Would it be pretentious like a menu with too many adjectives and French names? Fortunately no, the moment I entered, it reminded me of a pleasant bed and breakfast or a mini boutique hotel.

Adler Hostel - Brewerkz

The lobby which is also a lounge area was quaint and cosy with a touch of class. To top it off, Adler Hostel even has Brewerkz beer to enjoy together with your friends or new-found friends in the lobby itself. And and….comfortable hotel-quality beds.

Adler Hostel - Board

Location-wise, it is situated along South Bridge Road, right smack in the heart of Chinatown area, with only a short walk away to places like Duxton (for tea), Club Street (for drinks), Maxwell Food Centre (for food) and Chinatown (for sights). In fact, it also highly recommended to take a leisurely walk to Esplanade from the hostel itself which we did (when the weather is pleasant of course).

Jinrikisha Station

From the hostel to the Esplanade or Marina Bay Sands, you would get a nice cross section of Singapore’s heritage, working life (Raffles Place), a glimpse of the heartlands (Hong Lim) and the major sights in Singapore (including architectural highlights such as the Parkroyal on Pickering by WOHA, UOB Towers by Kenzo Tange and the “robot building” by I.M Pei)

South Bridge Road

Adler Hostel
259 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058808


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