Eight Treasures | 八宝素食馆

14th September 2013.
Located next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Eight Treasures is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant and its dishes are pretty amazing.

Especially so, when you realized what you had are the vegetarian counterparts of the familiar meat dishes. Take the Vegetarian Satay for example, which are actually skewers of mock meat beautifully grilled and served with tasty satay gravy, it beats even some of the meat-based satay I had elsewhere. The Vegetarian Pork Belly here uses konnyaku for its pork fat and it was rather decent too. Other dishes I had include the Crispy Vegetarian Rojak Chicken and the really good Eight Treasures Herbal Soup that uses Monkey Head Mushrooms which are really meaty.

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
 282 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831


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