Kyoto : Kohikan 珈琲館 - For Breakfast and Coffee

Kohikan - Tea

21st December 2012.
Kyoto, Japan.
The UCC Café that I used to go when I visit Kyoto has been replaced by Kohikan, another chain of cafes. I have dined at Kohikan about a year or two ago when I was in Nara, and I kind of liked the light food and coffee there.

Kohikan - Tea

Kohikan as it name suggests, specializes in coffee, more specifically “Charcoal Roasted” coffee with the siphon method. Upon each order for coffee, one of the staff would prepare your coffee in a glass-globe which was heated up by a heating element below. It was like a chemistry lab.

Kohikan - Breakfast

I had one of their premium coffees (accidentally, I thought it was part of a breakfast set). The waitress took my order and after a short wait she came with my breakfast and poured the coffee out from one of those glass globes. The coffee has a strong smoky flavour and veers on the acidic side. Nonetheless, it was still fragrant the flavour seems to get better towards the end.

Kohikan - Breakfast

If you order a drink at Kohikan, the breakfasts are discounted and you have choices of eggs, ham and toast, sandwiches or pancakes (each ranging from 150- 350 JPY). Eggs are prepared either sunny side up or scrambled and Japanese served to enjoy their eggs with ketchup.

Kohikan - Pancakes with Honey

The Pancakes here are very thick and dark in colour. Despite the looks, it was pretty good, with a fluffy interior. Mine came with some quality honey and butter.

Kohikan - Apple Pancakes

We also had the seasonal special of Pancake with Caramelized Apples and Cream, dusted with cinnamon. This was pretty good, like a well executed French Toast.


Various Locations in Japan, we dined at the Higashi Honggan-ji Branch, located at the junction of between Shichijo-dori and Karasuma-dori near the main entrance of Higashi Hongganji.


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