Kyoto : Kyoto Ramen @ Honke Daiichi-asahi 本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

19th December 2012.
Kyoto, Japan.
This famous ramen store in Kyoto specializes in Kyoto-style ramen which is known for its thick shoyu-based soup. In contrast to the perception that Kansai cuisine is light and mild, the Kyoto-style ramen is robust and hearty.

本家 第一旭 たかばし本店
本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

As one of the few eateries open in the early morning, it was our first stop for breakfast in Kyoto. The ramen here was really good (although a tad oily), the soup base was savoury and flavourful, the char siu was very tender and tasty without any gamey flavour and the chopped scallions not only adds some crunch to the ramen but also gave it with a tint of fresh onion flavours. The chukamen noodles was springy, smooth, slightly soft and doesn’t stick to the teeth.

本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

A bowl of their Signature Ramen (特製ラーメン) here cost 800 Yen. This restaurant seemed very popular. We witnessed an elderly lady who came all the way here to eat their ramen. To get to Honke Dai-ichi-asahi from Kyoto Station, simply turn right (when facing Kyoto Tower) and walk along Shiokoji Dori, the main street in front of Kyoto Station. At the junction between Shiokoji Dori and Takakura Dori, turn right again and you will see 本家 第一旭 たかばし本店.The junction should be the second one after a curved building on the right side of Kyoto Tower. The junction has two car parks on one side.

本家 第一旭 たかばし本店
Honke Dai-ichi-asahi
5:00~26:00 ※木曜日定休


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