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Kabaya Coffee is located in the Yanaka neighbourhood of Tokyo known for its old-town atmosphere. The original Kabaya Coffee dates back to 1938 and was opened by Inosuke Kabaya and his wife. The elderly couple and their adopted daughter ran Kabaya Coffee for at least 70 years until 2006 when Sachiko-san, the adopted daughter passed away. "Scai The Bathhouse", a local gallery and the "Taito Cultural & Historical Society", a non-profit organization, reopened the cafe in 2008, retaining the Showa era elements of the building and interiors.

It was a rainy morning when I arrived at Kabaya Coffee. Along with a lady, we were the first patrons of the day at the small cosy coffeeshop. I had an Omelette Sandwich Set (たまごサント) which also comes with a serving of salad, soup and their coffee for 800 JPY. It was delightful to spend a leisurely morning, seeking shelter from the drizzle outside while enjoy a warm (nutty) cup of coffee.

Kabaya Coffee | カヤバ珈琲

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