Tokyo | Yamabe Tonkatsu 山家 とんかつ

Located south of Ueno Station is Ameyoko Shopping Street which has plenty of affordable eateries . It was late at night when I decided to have dinner at a tonkatsu restaurant known as Yamabe Tonkatsu. The restaurant in Ueno is one of its outlets. Yamabe Tonkatsu is known for its huge portions, you could even upsize if you prefer. I had the Premium Rosu-Katsu (上ロースかつ) Teishoku or premium pork loin set meal and was stuffed by the end of the meal.

The tonkatsu was really good, the flesh tender and juicy (although a bit consistent, certain parts were a little dry). The panko crust was divine. It has the layering texture I expect from a good tonkatsu. The entire meal cost 1200 JPY. However I would have go for a smaller portion or a different cut in the future which are all within 1000 yen.

Yamabe Tonkatsu Ueno Branch is south of JR Ueno Station and to the northeast of Ueno-Hirokoji and Okachimachi Stations.

Yamabe (山家 上野店)
4-5-1 Ueno Taito Tokyo
東京都 台東区 上野 4-5-1


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