Tokyo | Nandokiya なんどき屋

Nandokiya is the kind of classic counter dining that we often picture in urban dining in cities like 
Tokyo with Osaka: working folks dining in tight spaces like ramen stalls or tiny obanzai kitchens you find around Japanese cities. Nandokiya, opened since 1963, is such a place, the place fits roughly six diners between what is left of any space between the kitchen and the sliding door entrance. The diners are in work attire who are here for a quick bite and drink, reading newspapers and watching sumo-wrestling on a television mounted on the wall.

Nandokiya specialized in Gyudon or beef bowls which are also known as Gyu-Meshi which is a bowl of rice topped with strips of beef, onions, tofu and konnyaku. It was extremely delicious and affordable. The Gyu Meshi Set (牛めしセット) costs 580 JPY and includes a serving of pickles as well as a bowl of miso soup.

8-5 Ginza Chuo Tokyo
東京都 中央区 銀座 8-5 銀座ナイン1号館 1F


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