Tokyo | Suzunami 鈴波

Located within Mid Town at Roppongi is a branch of Suzunami, a restaurant originated from Nagoya and known for their seafood picked in sake as well as pickles (tsukemono) Most importantly, for the budget conscious traveller, Suzunami serves rather good value and reasonably priced set meals during lunch time!

I had one of the daily lunch sets for around 1600-1800 JPY which includes a trio of their signature broiled seafood which has been marinated in sake such as salmon and squid. This marked a really good start to the trip. The fish were done right and I really liked the squid with its smokiness and flavours.

The set also includes small serving of kuromame from Tamba and their Moriguchi pickles, both are specialties of the restaurant. A tiny glass of refreshing and sweet plum juice wraps up the meal.


(東京ミッドタウン ガレリア地下1階)


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