Seoul : A Yummy Thai Dinner


9th September 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
We miss Asian food. Southeast Asian food.
and in Korea, we seemed to be surrounded by kim chi food everywhere.

So when we found out there is a pretty good Thai restaurant in Gangnam we just have to head there for some food therapy for our homesickness. Its location is probably a tell-tale sign for the kind of prices to look forward to and being in Korea, Thai or Indian food that are inexpensive in Singapore are the exotics here.

Yum Thai - Exterior

Yum Thai for a start, doesn’t carry any Thai flavour besides one or two vaguely Thai décor, the huge screen of some sports match makes it look like some sports bar. Nonetheless the sight of Thai Singha beers and a chubby Thai chef in the kitchen assures us that we are in a Thai restaurant after all.

Yum Thai - Interior

Without any hesitation, I went for the Green Curry Chicken, chicken fillet curry with green herbs, aubergine and coconut milk (15000 KRW) which came with a serving of rice. Unlike some Thai or Chinese or Indonesian restaurants in Korea, Yum Thai scored high points (and justified their high prices) with the use of Thai rice, that fragrant, fluffy rice we are so used to back in Singapore is the perfect complement to the robust, herbal and rich green curry which tasted like those I had in Thailand.

Green Curry Chicken

My friend ordered the Thai Beef Noodle Soup (7500 KRW, Regular). Yum Thai surprised us once again with their attention to details such as the use of the bean sprouts we used to instead of the big Korean ones. The texture is just different. And without doubt, this was one of the better beef noodles I had. Absolutely delicious.

Thai Beef Noodles Soup

Or could it be we just miss our regional cuisine that everything tasted so good? Anyway, Yum Thai’s food was yummy but a wee bit expensive but they made up for it with their quality and executed pretty well with food tasting similar to the ones I had in Thailand.

Yum Thai
강남구 논현동 5-4, 서울특별시, 135-811, South Korea


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