Seoul : A Taste of Singapore at 야쿤?

Ya Kun Toast - KRW

18th September 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
According to our Korean friends who visited Singapore one of the things they missed about our country or perhaps our region is kaya and kaya in Korea just doesn’t taste quite the same.

Ya Kun Toast - Interior

Ya Kun Toast is one of the few Singaporean establishments you can find in Seoul along with Bee Chang Hiang and Crystal Jade (Sorry Ding Tai Feng is from Taiwan! =p). Hoping to find some nice Nanyang style coffee, we headed down to Ya Kun Kaya Toast located at the Seoul Finance Center located near City Hall Station.

Ya Kun Toast - 야쿤커피

The Yakun Coffee (3000 KRW) was more milky than the ones we had in Singapore but fortunately taste wise, it was a nice break from the Korean coffee we had for the past month.

Ya Kun Toast - 카야토스트

The Kaya Toast (2800 KRW), the main highlight of our “Singaporean” breakfast was just so-so. It has a thin layer of kaya and was sweeter than the ones in Singapore. My friends commented that this tasted more like sweet butter toast. Nonetheless, it was better than what I had expected.

Ya Kun Toast - Soft Boiled Eggs

The “Soft-boiled Eggs” was a major disappointment, it lacked the runny yolk and the soy sauce was light soy sauce.

Ya Kun Toast & Coffee
야쿤 커피&토스트
Various locations in Korea.


  1. envious! my luggage had no space for kaya and i can't get any in montreal :(

  2. wah that's sad =/ my friends got their family to fed-dex mooncakes and kaya over from Singapore. Don't think its cheap though.

  3. That is really disappointing, but better than nothing. I walked into a Kopitiam near Ehwa and was dissppointed by the kaya toast there too. I didn't even see the soft boiled eggs on the menu.

    1. I read about the Kopitiam too. Apparently its nothing close to what a real kopitiam offer. I think Snowmounteen's Kaya Toast is better than Ya Kun's in Seoul


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