Au Revoir Café Le Mouton Noir.

Yenshan and Liangwei

27th July 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Yesterday I had lunch at my favourite café, The Black Sheep Café with three good friends. Like my friends who are flying off within a week’s time, the Black Sheep Café would be seeking greener pastures from September onwards.

It was where theMoose begun and pity the group did not last as long as the café itself. Sad stuff aside, Black Sheep Café would be moving to a bigger venue with more accessible parking lots and Chef Ratha himself has been working very hard on the new menu (but don’t worry! the classics will still be in the menu ;). I can’t wait to try the new dishes when I am back.

Black Sheep Cafe - Bread Rolls

After taking our orders, we were being served a basket of bread rolls together with some butter. Warm and fluffy bread always never fail with butter.

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Brie Cheese

For starters we shared a serving of Baked Brie Cheese, a signature of Black Sheep Café’s. This appetiser didn’t disappoint, warmed, creamy Brie Cheese with juicy, sweet fruits.

Black Sheep Cafe - Black Sheep Shank

Yenshan and Liangwei had the tender Black Sheep Shank. Both of them seemed rather pleased with their main course.

Black Sheep Cafe - Baked Snapper

Andre and I had the Baked Snapper which was slightly overcooked but flavourwise, it was great, it was a simple and light cream with garlic sauce. The vegetable sides and mash were awesome as usual.

Black Sheep Cafe - Hot Pandan Souffle with Coconut Ice Cream

For desserts, I bought a box of Le Chateau Blanc Macaroons and ordered two Hot Pandan Souffle served with Coconut Ice Cream. Personally, I prefer the Passionfruit or Kahlua Souffle, this was too rich for my taste. Liang Wei felt that the combination was like a deconstructed kaya.

Le Chateau Blanc Macaroons

The prices for the mains have increased from 22.50 to 24.50 SGD nett. Apparently, the dinners are fully booked for several nights. I wish Chef Ratha all the best for his new restaurant, I will miss this cosy little get together place in Little India where the4MOOSE first met here, then there were farewell meals, studio dinner, first encounter with Ice Wine, my birthday, Christmas and Mu Yao’s ORD meal. Sweet memories.

Black Sheep Cafe
35 Mayo Street


  1. the pandan souffle sounds interesting...looking forward to the revamped black sheep cafe!

  2. to stargirl: yeap the combination of chilled coconut ice cream and light, fluffy pandan flavoured souffle really tasted like kaya (with a stronger pandan flavour).

    Me too ;) the parking will be much better there and I think there would more people helping him out cutting down on waiting time.

  3. i loved the souffle too - not just the deconstructed tastes of kaya but the combinations of hot/cold and rich/light as well :)



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