Food : Finally! No More Macs in Studio?

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14th April 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Some of you might have heard of this new local food delivery service. For an architecture student, this is nothing less than a blessing. No more McDonalds or Al-Ameen perhaps?

Spice Sutra - Tandoori Chicken (Half)

The list of restaurants on Food is growing and it now includes Spice Sutra, I would love to have those yummy garlic naans and addictive Butter Chicken delivered to studio one day.

Spice Sutra - Plain Naan

However, like many food delivery service, there is minimum amount to order so it makes more sense to gather a group of friends or studio to order in rather than order for yourself alone. Some of them goes for 50 SGD while a few is staggering 100 SGD.

Other restaurants being featured include Picotin and Porn’s by local celebrity Pornsak but a majority seemed to be Indian cuisine at the moment at least for my area. The website is easy to use, just key in your postal code and it will find the restaurants that deliver and are available to deliver to your address.
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Why not try yourself today? Glad to know that there is another way to get food besides making trips to McDonalds in studio now.



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