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EK 384 - Chasseur Chicken

30th November 2011. Written by Xin Li.
EK 384
It was my first time flying with Emirates and I was pretty impressed by their food. For such a short flight they even give out menus too.

EK 384 - Bread Roll

For lunch or light meal as it was indicated on the menu. There was the usual bread roll served with butter (the same one they used on Thai Airways) there was a piece of chocolate too.

EK 384 - Tuna Salad

The Tuna Salad, Thai salad made with tuna, onions, tomato, fresh coriander and lime wedge was an enjoyable appetizer. A light appetizer with a spicy kick.

EK 384 - Chasseur Chicken

There were two choices for mains but I went with the French bistro classic, the Chasseur Chicken, pan-fried chicken thigh served with classic creamy mushroom sauce, herbed mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini and roasted tomato. This is quite delicious actually, the chicken was tender and the sauce was yummy. Indeed, the stew proved to be the ideal choice for airplane food (source: http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/eat/unsavory-truths-about-airplane-food-911657)

EK 384 - Cashew Nut Nougatine

And there was the Cashew Nut Nougatine served with Whipped Cream for dessert. I prefer this over those lemon-mousse cakes on SQ. It tasted somewhat like ice cream. My only complaint is that it has a rather oily texture.

You could find out more about the flight here on Pok Pok and Away!


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