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a|edge - Unity in Multiplicity, 2011

23rd March 2012. Written by Xin Li.

The theme ‘a|edge’, an acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations’ was coined with a message that art educators are constantly honing their own skills and are prepared to explore the cutting edge of art practice and pedagogical research. The exhibition aims to encourage teachers to sustain their art practice so as to enhance the professional excellence of art teachers. It focuses on the arts educators who seek to balance their artistic and creative pursuits as well as being progressive and skilled teachers and leaders in art education.” 

a|edge - Entrance

The exhibition was curated by Dr Susie Lingham, an Assistant Professor from the Visual Performing Arts Academic Group, National Institute of Education. Setting into the 19th century chapel, I found myself surrounded by a myriad of works, each competing for attention.

a|edge - Equilibration

It was startling at first, if not confusing. I felt that there is a lack of coordination in the exhibits. Nonetheless, several works stood out from the chaos such as the subtle, wabi-sabi influenced piece by Low Sok Hui, the Subject Head of Art from Hwa Chong Institution.

a|edge - Imperfect Blooms

The neatly arranged wooden blocks, entitled Imperfect Blooms, features each wooden block carrying each visible marks of an untold story behind them. It was simple yet impactful. The work was described as a “challenge against the commonly subscribed aesthetic notion that perfection is equated to being desirable and beautiful.”

a|edge - CARTography Prototypes

Another work that stood out was a piece by my tutor, Miss Dorathy Lye Li Miang, an Arts Education Officer (Art) from the Arts Education Branch. Her work, CARTography Prototypes #1,#2,#3.

a|edge - CARTography Prototypes

The mixed media installation features a red taped boundary running from the entrance of the chapel and to the rear of it, like some kind of route for the carts. The organic looking carts, has a Scarpa kind of detailing texture as it was made of metal and wood.

a|edge - CARTography Prototypes
a|edge - CARTography Prototypes

It was a rather interactive piece and while trying to control the cart to move along the route, the form of the cart causes you to deviate from the marked path and the height also creates a kind of discomfort as you try to push it, it makes you wonder whether you are in control or you were being controlled.

a|edge - Towards Daylight

Ivan from foodrecentrunes happened to drop by reception too and his tweet featuring Lee Mun Yee’s Towards Daylight pretty much sums up the kind of feeling that would prod you from time to time as you explore the whole exhibition. “This is supposed to be art.

a|edge - Unity in Multiplicity

The a|edge challenged you once again on what you would accept as art and coming from educators from the schools, it showed another side of the people who made us draw peanuts and cut ladyfingers for art lessons. The exhibition runs from 23rd March till 3rd April 2012. So drop by Sculpture Square today and have a look for yourself!

23rd March to 3rd April 2012
Sculpture Square, Chapel Gallery
155 Middle Road


  1. hey! since when did u draw peanuts and cut ladyfingers for art lessons?! haha...

  2. haha i refering to my secondary school art lessons.



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