Possessions | Sarah Choo’s Solo Exhibition

14th September 2013.
This mixed media installation of paintings and objects plays on the perception of reality. More personally, I thought it went straight for the deepest part of the human soul when it makes you wonder what is under your control or what are yours, hence the name Possessions. The installation is very clear and straight to the point, yet effective to me.

Initially you might think putting some realistic paintings and objects since it sounded a bit boring to me but no! Sarah Choo’s work is more than that, the distinction between mundane juxtaposition of paintings and objects and a fascinating thought-provoking work lies in her composition and incorporation of an untold story.

Which gives you room to imagine what happened and sort to pull you into the scene as you try to stop that wine glass that is about to fall over or tidy up the clothes in the sofa because it seemed familiar yet at the same time the fact that they are paintings (very competently executed ones) was a stark reality that you are only a witness of what has happened and what is about to happen.

Hence, Possessions, to me, is an expression about the helplessness, illusion and lack of control.....the vulnerability of a human being. In short, thought provoking.

16 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238965
The exhibition is up at Galerie Sogan Art till 22nd September.


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