Dover HDB Estate : Singapore's Pripyat?

Dover Estate - Backdrop

23rd March 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Just a distance away from Singapore’s most prime district for science and research, a cluster of HDB flats an anachronism. It is nothing like the kind of high-tech future Singapore has now invested in Biopolis and Fusionopolis in One North.

Dover Estate - Gone
Dover Estate - Empty
Dover Estate - Estate

This cluster of 5-6 HDB flats has been abandoned for some time now, leaving behind letterboxes filled with unclaimed letters, boarded up shops and empty flats sealed off from the public.

Dover Estate - Letterboxes
Dover Estate - Guardians
Dover Estate - Rear Windows
Dover Estate - Rear

Children no longer play around in the nostalgic looking playground and the once bustling wet market is now no more.

Dover Estate - Childhood

Only a couple of passer-by and foreign workers now roam around this ghost estate located just next to the busy Ayer Rajah Expressway.

Dover Estate - Nostalgia

Perhaps it would follow the same fate as the now demolished Ayer Rajah Camp and Bukit Merah HDB Estate or the soon-to-be demolished Bukit Brown and Old School @ Mount Sophia.

Dover Estate - Couple
Dover Estate - Stood Still

It is startling to discover how these flats were once inhabited by residents as I explored the empty void decks of these flats, I could still remember lights and those bamboo poles which hung the many laundries at the rear of these flats while I was around the area last year.

Dover Estate - Left Behind
Dover Estate - Future


  1. It is always sad to see a part of SG disappear into the memories of those who used to live there.

    Didn't realise they were going to demolish the old campus at Mt Sophia (been away for a long time)- pity but I guess it's the price of progress.

    At least Tiong Bahru seems to be preserved. For now.

  2. yea it is sad, Seletar has changed alot too.

    Tiong Bahru seemed to undergo some sort of revival recently with more cafes and boutique shops opening around there.

    There is a proposal to save Old School :

    Apparently, it is to be closed down in June 2012.

  3. Block 37 is being converted into a hostel for students of the nearby Singapore University of Technology & Design. I guess the place will become a little bit more lively in a few months!

  4. ooo no wonder, it is the only block that was fenced up and painted white,grey and black.

  5. OMG, from your photos and description whoa i feel freaking creepy here :), but honestly i would like to visit that abandon place.

  6. just wondering. is these building still standing or it has been demolish?



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