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This version has F-15 and F-16, after a special request from a member of SQN 149 (: 

6th July 2014.
Last Wednesday was the official launch of the NDP Funpacks, I was very fortunate to have my design voted in as part of the buttons used in this year’s NDP funpack. It will not have been possible without the support from my friends, family and everyone who supported Pok Pok and Away.

Joining the competition was a last minute decision to be honest as I was uncertain of my own works until I took a look of the works I had been doing such as the earlier Seletar and Neo Tiew pieces that I come to realize how the elements in my works could be a contribution to Singapore to pay homage to the journey Singapore has been through to what it is today.

Rather than focus on the present and just promote the usual National Day messages, I wanted to highlight the long journey Singapore has been through and still going through for the piece, and even as a young nation, Singapore’s 49 Years of Independence did not come easily without sacrifices in the process and also commemorate the hard work by generations of Singaporeans.

That I come to see how the elements in my works could be a contribution to Singapore to pay homage to the journey Singapore has been through to what it is today.

I combined architectural elements as well as aesthetics from different periods of Singapore’s history, and incorporated architectural icons that were now lost in the process of Singapore’s development like the National Theatre and former National Library. It is to emphasize on the sacrifices and loss that Singapore went through over the years as layers of history build up upon each other. The journey is not a smooth-sailing and happily-ever-after scenario, and it remains relevant today as heritage landmarks such as Bukit Brown and the Hakka Cemetery at Holland Close are at stake today.

The rapid changes in Singapore’s landscape are something very personal to me, after my own experience with Neo Tiew and Bukit Brown. Singapore’s “progress” has its price and sacrifices even though it is a young nation, and we are still moving on and we are still building the Singapore of the future.

I was able to see the new funpack at the launch, a series of 6 very colourful and simple funpacks designed by ITE students and teachers and the packing of which were done by ITE College East students, Northlight School students and soldiers. Love it or hate it, it is, regardless, the fruit of labour put in by many people and months of work under such hot weather. One thing I come to appreciate much in my occasional visits to the NDP grounds is the every little contribution and effort behind the show.

Not everyone will get the funpack but if you do, here are some items you could find some rather interesting items such as a foldable, travel-size fan and a light band that responds to the tempo I think. My design would be on 3 buttons, out of the many designs shortlisted for the NDP 2014. These buttons will then be randomly distributed in each funpack, hence there is no guarantee that you would get all three of the designs.

Lastly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you everyone who took the time out to vote and support me in the contest including my family, my wonderful friends and supporters, the friends from Avenue 1960s, my school mates and teachers from my primary school till university as well as the NDP committee including Col. Wong Yu Han, ME6 Tan Boon Hong, Melvin, Samantha, Keith and Alex for the opportunity to contribute to a national event. 

Once again, many, many thanks


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