Flying to Hong Kong via Tiger Airways

TR 2962 - Budget Terminal in the Morning

This is my first time flying on a budget airline. Simply put, budget airlines is just all about stripping everything down to the necessities and utilizing every resource as much as possible, by taking away the online flight entertainment, the meals etc.

TR 2962 - Singapore Strait

Quite a unique experience to board the plane without a boarding gate, watching the live demonstration by the stewardess on how to operate a life vest (instead of the pre-recorded videos) and having to make done with the little leg space we have onboard. If you are going for long distance, budget airlines, while saving you some money, might be a little hard on your comfort levels as the journey gets longer.

TR 2962 - East Coast, Singapore

Tiger Airways flight was quite smooth and the staff were quite friendly. However, my mum complained that they aren’t kind enough to provide her water in order to eat her medicine. She had to pay 3.50 SGD for it. Other than that, the cabin was well ventilated and flight was a smooth one.

TR 2962 - East Coast

The thing I like about travelling is the chance to appreciate and see the beautiful works of Mother Nature high in the skies. You get to see the stunning cloud and land formations. Not to mention, our own impact on the land and sea as well. It was simply breath-taking.

TR 2962 - Bedok Reservoir, Singapore

TR 2962 - Serangoon Island, Singapore

The views of Singapore were taken around 6-7 am in the morning as the sun was rising.
Our island nation looked really tiny!

TR 2962 - Above Johor

TR 2962 - Skies Above Johor

TR 2962 - Rothko Skies

TR 2962 - Hidden in the Clouds

The skies above Johor or in Malaysia was beautiful.

TR 2962 - Đảo Phú Quý, Vietnam

The plane was approaching Vietnam after an hour or more into the flight.

TR 2962 - Cam Ranh, Vietnam

TR 2962 - Cam Ranh, Vietnam

And Cam Ranh came into view shortly after with mountains shrouded in clouds in the background like a Japanese painting.

TR 2962 - Approaching Hong Kong

Hong Kong weather doesn't seem too good. (1110 AM plus)

TR 2962 - Approaching Hong Kong

TR 2962 - Landed at Hong Kong

TR 2962 - Arrival at Lantau International Airport, Hong Kong


  1. u manage to take so many pretty photos on the plane! i always get caught after the first two shots or so.. :(

  2. Haha, I prefer Jetstar over Tiger when flying budget, seems to be a weeny bit more comfortable, and departs/arrive from terminal 1 too. My longest endurance was 5 hrs to Taiwan, nearly couldnt stand up at the end of the flight. lolx

    Charlene: Get caught? u mean the air stewardess stop u? Didn't know that they will do that. I tend to fall asleep before lifting off though. ahaha

  3. stewardess don't stop u, its the police security that stops u if u take a picture while walking from the gate to the aircraft

  4. oh well i got stopped every single time on the plane. guess i'm just unlucky. haha

  5. to Foodoshoot:
    strange. I haven't had that experience before, what airline did you take?
    For SQ, EVA, Tiger, I am able to take photographs as and when I like it.

    to Daniel:
    lol! long cramp flights, I rather pay a bit more if the flight is a very long one. Some airlines are rather affordable (online) Emirates for Europe, Thai for East Asia.

    the worst case scenario in a budget flight is when a group of rowdy kids are sitting behind you and kicking your seat throughout the flight. My sister had to endure this 'massage' treatment for four hours o.O

  6. Oh wow, thats bad.. should just turn back and scare them.. haha

    Anyway i was at work just now, so I blocked your photos..lolx. Fantastic shots of clouds!

  7. Amazing photos Xinli! As always... *wink*

  8. to Daniel : haha! thanks =)

    to Raine: thanks! how are you in Netherlands?



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