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R Burger

26th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

The R.Burger is a Japanese style burger chain that was introduced to Singapore by local artiste, Adam Chen in 2009. The “R” stands for “Revolution” because their burgers are not the typical burgers we see in MacDonalds or Burger King but one that uses soft steamed buns with marine collagen. They also use Shiso leaves in their burger, the Japanese infusion is apparent. The burger chain has two branches, one in Orchard ION and one in Market Street.

Therefore, the four of us decided to drop by R Burger to have a taste of these unique Japanese burgers.

The poor service that greeted us at the Market Street branch might probably explain why the fast food restaurant was normally so empty even on weekdays. The cashier was unresponsive and unhelpful. The overall service attitude was less than satisfactory and sight of them idling at the lounge area in full view of the diners certainly did not help to portray a positive and professional image. The only non-food saving grace for this burger outlet was the lounge style environment and classy interior design (but the noisy music doesn't seemed to fit in).

Back to food, the combo meals were priced around 5.50 SGD to 6.80 SGD. The mini combo consist of a drink and a burger for 5.50 SGD. The other combos consisted of a drink, burger and a side dish. We had two Combo As for 6.80 SGD each. The combo prices can be a bit confusing at first because there were two, it was only upon ordering then we found that one set was outdated and no longer valid.

R Burger - Salad Stick

There were two choices for the Combo A side dishes and we got both. First was the Salad Stick. It was cold, slightly tough and dry. Unimpressive and the accompanying salad sauce didn't go well with it.

R Burger

The Potato Wedges is the second choice, which was ordinary and not oily.

R Burger - Salmon Burger

For burgers, we had the Salmon Burger. Described as being made wit the freshest salmon and ankake sauce (black vinegar), the burgers fared much better than their side dishes. The salmon burger has salmon flakes not doubt, but its texture is reminiscent of the texture of canned tuna. While it tasted rather delicious, the bun was too soft and moist. The Shiso leaves did not seemed to fit in with its bitter and minty aftertaste.

R Burger - Yakiniku Burger

The second burger, the Yakiniku Burger was quite good too. I like the streaks of beef with the tasty and slightly peppery sauce with crunchy onions. Nice combination but not without the issues mentioned earlier with the Salmon Burger, the buns used was too soft and moist.

In conclusion, we found the burgers alright, and all of us except for Liang Wei enjoyed the taste of the burgers and all of us, including Liang Wei found the side dishes unimpressive and ordinary (if not below average). Service wise, a lot needs to be done.

R Burger

Market Street


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