Special Abalone Noodle @ Lam's Noodle House

Ah Nan Noodle House - Special Abalone Noodle

28th April 2010. Written by Xin Li.

It was early in the morning and my boss wanted to have breakfast nearby. We went to Lam’s Noodle House to have their $6 Special Abalone Noodle.

The abalone was drenched in some sort of brown sauce and served in a satay style manner. The noodles also came with some fish cakes, meatballs, pig liver, crispy lard and a chunk of pork.

The noodles were quite nice with a savoury sauce and it was springy and slightly oily. We wonder what the pork was for as it was just fats and bones without any meat on it.

Ah Nan Noodle House - Special Abalone Noodle

I think this is one very unhealthy dish though, with all the fats and lard inside but once in a while it can be a decent treat.

Not much more an ambience to talk about since it is a coffee shop, quite a lot of soldiers around here as SAFTI MI is just on the other side.

511 Upper Jurong Road
#01-19 The Arena Country Club Eating Hut

Tel: +65 6264 3122

Opening hours
7.30am – 4.00pm
(Closed on Mon)


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