Sendai | Beef Tongue at Ichiryu Honten

10th July 2013.
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Sendai, besides its fame among architecture students for a pivotal work by Toyo Ito, a renowned architect is also known for its regional speciality, gyutan, otherwise known as beef tongue. I met up with a friend that I seldom get to meet in Singapore (as our schedules just doesn’t match for some reason) and went for a taste of gyutan at Ichiryū Honten, a small and affordable restaurant specialized in gyutan.

While my friend had the Gyutanyaki Teishoku (1260 Yen) which is set meal with rice, gyutan and soup. I went a la carte with the Gyutan-yaki (牛たん焼き) which is 840 Yen. Beautifully grilled, the grilled beef tongue has a light and mildly sweet soy-sauce glaze and arrives with fragrant smoky aroma. It comes served with a tangy serving of pickled vegetables. The beef tongue was a bit more springy than your usual cut of beef but has all that beefy fragrance from a good quality beef.

一隆 本店
〒980-0803 Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, 
Aoba Ward, Kokubuncho, 1丁目4−21


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