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6th June 2013.
I went down to the World Street Food Congress Jamboree as I found out via Camemberu that there is discount for students (university included). So instead of the original 28 SGD fee, students pay only 18 SGD and you still get 20 SGD to spend. Instead of writing I decided to do a short cartoon to recap my experience today at the World Street Food Congress Jamboree feast.
World Street Food Congress 1
World Street Food Congress 2
I think some photos would still be good for the food. Here are the photos of the food we had. First we had the Seafood Tostada from La Guerrerense ($10) from Mexico. I wasn’t impressed by the weird combination of raw seafood and crunchy thin tostada shells. I just felt the temperature of the seafood wasn’t right.

La Guerrerense - Seafood Toscada

Our next dish was Sticky Rice Banana also known as Chuối nướng from Nam Bộ in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is quite similar to Mango Sticky Rice. It was served warm, fresh from the grill, drizzled with coconut sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The result is an amazingly addictive dessert.

Nam Bo - Chuoi Nuong

I really enjoyed Abhishek’s Chicken 65 ($3.50) , a street food originating from Madras, India. There are stories as to how the “65” came about such as taking 65 days to prepare the chicken. But that is not important, the combination of spices, lemon juice and tender chicken chunks with a nice crispy skin just works. Would love to have this as a snack while doing work.

Chicken 65 - Abhishek

For something Indonesian, I tried Aneka Sari Pak H. Diding’s Soto Tangar and Sate Kuah ($8.50) from Jakarta, Indonesia. The beef satay was unimpressive but I love the Soto Tangkar with its hearty beef flavours combined with the right mix of coconut milk. The way to eat this dish is to dip the satay into the soup.

Soto Tangkar & Sate Kuah | Bao Luo Fen

With our remaining coupons, we decided to have some noodles and we stop by Qiong Yuan (瓊) from Sanya, China for their Bao Luo Fen (抱罗粉). It has pork slices, roasted peanuts, spring onions…just to name a few. The noodles were soft and amazingly smooth and even more delectable was the accompanying gravy.

No Name - Cheng Tng

Our last $3 was spent on No Name's Cheng Tng. You can get it anywhere in Singapore. But besides the expensive lime juice and way overpriced beverages, you probably can’t find any cheaper dishes at the street food feast. Nonetheless, we enjoyed it thoroughly, a cold dessert in blistering hot day worked wonders.

Century Egg Relish

My friend and I also dropped by a demonstration by Chef Damian de Silva, also known as Big D. It was a recipe for century egg relish, a simple but very tasty relish. He explained that some of us might be disappointed with the simplicity of the dish but stated that had the recipe been complex, we would find ourselves back again to figure out the recipe. I think the interesting part was the Q&A, quite an insightful session. He even signed the sketch I drew of him.

Chef Damian de Silva

With 3 more days to go and discounts being offered, do drop by the street food market for a lunch or dinner while it last. The event ends on the 9th of June and opens from 11 am to 10 pm. While I lament the lack of street food from Korea and Taiwan, I think there are still enough options to enjoy.

World Street Food Congress Jamboree
31st May - 9th June 2013.
1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975


  1. Excellent and refreshing review!

  2. Hi thanks for the review, must admit the sate is not consistent sometimes its quite hard, unlike back home, fortunately the soup is robust and nice

    very nice and different review, keep em coming

    1. Thanks (:

      I really enjoyed the soup, I would like to visit Indonesia one day to try it for myself.


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