Pulau Tekong : Excerpts from a Journal

5th June 2013.
When I picked up Guy Delisle’s Jerusalem, I was inspired by his personal and light-hearted take of the holy city though his sketches. It motivated to finally start compiling my experiences on Tekong and come out with a few comics and this coincided with a journal I am making with Mu Yao as a gift for someone.

The cover for the journal is inspired by Hergé's Tin Tin comics. I am was in touch Hergé's comics since primary school. I could still remember a classmate of mine used to bring to school and we would read it before assembly at the school hall.

If you visit Pok Pok and Away you will find some army related drawings recently. No, I am not signing on, it just so happens I am digging out some of my old sketches and they made me remember several memorable scenery such as a flare that lit up the whole sky and knolls that you never thought existed in Singapore.
1 Nomnom
2 Nomnom
4 Fence
3 Crab


  1. Hi there, my name is Shijie. I just find it extremely fascinating to read about your stories about Tekong. I share the same sentiments about NS and it sets me thinking about the nostalgic days I spent in army. The only difference is that I have this very special connection with the live firing area in Pasir Laba. Like Tekong, it has stunning views that no one thought existed in SG. Many Relics of the past like colonial bunkers, cemeteries, abandoned temples, And of course, Neo Tiew and Amakeng! If only I could sketch like you. I have such fond memories of that place!


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