Phad Thai @ Mackenzie Road

1st June 2013.
Thai food is one my favourites and luckily something the family can enjoy as well. So for dinner, we found ourselves at Phad Thai, a restaurant located near the Rex Theater and where Mirabelle Patisserie used to be around. Pity, I didn’t get to try their croissants.

Phad Thai - Thai Calamari

We started with some Thai Milk Tea and Thai Calamari (8.90 SGD), fried battered squid drizzled with Thai chili sauce. It was disappointing though, the batter was quite thick and I could barely detect any squid in it.

Phad Thai - Phad Thai with Shrimps

While I found the food to be above average or acceptable in general, I find the prices here to be on the steep side. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my plate of Phad Thai with Fresh Shrimps (12.00 SGD). The noodles had superb texture and aromas with wok hei flavour and the shrimps were succulent. This is one phad thai I would gladly come back for.

Phad Thai - Phad Thai with Shrimps

The Olive Fried Rice (8.90 SGD) was really fragrant and tasted great as well.

Phad Thai - Olive Fried Rice

The Shrimp Paste Fried Rice on the other hand was just so-so.

Phad Thai - Shrimp Paste Fried Rice

The Chicken Green Curry (12.00 SGD) came with a plate of Jasmine rice. I thought the curry has a nice balance of the herbal, kaffir lime flavour and coconut milk but there were rather few slices of chicken and the long beans seemed undercooked but my biggest complaint is the Jasmine rice was slightly dry and grainy.

Phad Thai - Chicken Green Curry

We also had their Mango Sticky Rice (7.90 SGD), a seasonal and only dessert available and it was quite good with really sweet mango.

Phad Thai - Mango Sticky Rice

25-29 Mackenzie Road
Tel: 68849480


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