Real Food at Square 2

1st June 2013.
I was delighted to find Real Food at Square 2 as I had enjoyable meals at Real Food at Killiney before. I finally had the chance to have lunch at Square 2’s Real Food the Saturday before (or so I thought). However, before I could get my French Toast. I had to leave because food was coming out at a snail’s pace.

Undeterred by that unpleasant experience, I was back again on Saturday for a light meal. This time round, after a fairly occupied wait since my mum, my siblings and I were having a good chat.

I had a cup of Soy Cappuccino while my brother opted for the Affogato with Brown Ice Cream as it was the only beverage that was cold (ice was out for some reason). He didn’t enjoy it as it reminded him of mocha in coffee. On the other hand, I enjoyed the departure from the usual vanilla ice cream.

For snacks, we shared a Mozzarella Cheese Mushroom Bruschetta. If you love mushrooms, you will definitely enjoy this dish which has hard crusted bread coated with melt mozzarella cheese and topped with a heap of mushrooms. It was crunchy, cheesy (more would be nice) and plenty of yummy mushrooms.

Lastly, we shared an Original Strawberries and Banana Pancakes (9.80 SGD) It was way different from the usual fluffy pancakes, it was more brittle, cake-like and lacked the buttery fragrance of the usual pancakes. That aside, the parts where its embedded with bananas was delicious.

Real Food (Novena)
10 Sinaran Drive
#B1-105/106/129 Square 2
Tel: 63972289

Get to Novena MRT and walk to the basement of Square 2. There is Filipino food next door too!


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