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8th June 2013.
Peperoni Pizzeria is a chain of Italian restaurants specializing in Italian-style pizzas. When I saw their pizza stoves, I thought I would be expecting some really nice pizzas and I wasn't disappointed. It was just as my sister and brother-in-law have described: great pizzas done right.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Drawing Time

We visited the Greenwood branch for an early Fathers’ Day celebration. The service attitude here is casual, more family-dining than your upscale fine-dining. Offering kids chalks to draw, replacing your dirty plates without prompting and their candid attitude scored points on the service side. The only minor service lapse was forgetting about one of our orders.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Calamari Fritti

The food here is pricey, yes. However, to be fair, the portions for the food were rather generous, unless you decided to share it. Otherwise, a plate of pasta or a tiramisu is more than enough for one person. For a start, we had the Calamari Fritti (14.00+ SGD), deep fied squid rings, with lemon, mayo and arrabbiata sauce. It was just average.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Al Nero di Seppia (Linguine)

Next we had the Al Nero di Seppia (23.00+ SGD), squid rings, garlic and tomatoes in squid ink sauce with the choice of Linguine. Here at Peperoni Pizzeria, you pick your sauce then choice of pasta ranging from the usual spaghetti to capellini. I enjoyed the Al Nero di Seppia thoroughly. Perfectly cooked linguine, tossed with squid ink, cubes of tomatoes, slices of garlic and succulent squid rings. This was really good, I would probably come back just for this.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Rosticciana

We also ordered a Rosticciana (28.00+ SGD), oven roasted herb-marinated baby back ribs, served with leafy salad and wedges. The ribs may not look much but considering that it came with a side of potato wedges, I thought the price is reasonable and the portion is just right for one, if not two person. Moreover, the ribs were excellent too. It was very tender, flavourful and the well-marinated.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Hawaiian

We definitely won’t miss out on the pizzas here. And we had two kinds: the Hawaiian (something everyone dared to eat) and the Funghi. The pizzas here are the Italian-style pizzas which has a thin crust (not skinny crust). The Hawaiian is just as ‘exciting’ as you would have expected: pineapples, ham and bell peppers.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Funghi Pizza

The Funghi is basically a pizza with mixed mushrooms: button, shitake and porcini. It was simple but really good. The pizzas here are just spot-on, not soggy crust, or out-of-balance ratio of cheese and tomato sauce. I particularly enjoyed the mushroom one because it smelt really good and tasted great, it’s a little on the salty side though. The pizzas are priced according to sizes, starting from 9 inch (19.00+ SGD) to 21 inch (50.00+ SGD).

Peperoni Pizzeria - Tiramisu

Lastly we ended with the Tiramisu (13.00 SGD), savoiardi, layered in mascarpone, flavoured with aromatic coffee and Kahlua. It is rather balanced and incredibly luscious. While my dad was unimpressed, I thought this is a pretty good tiramisu that most people could enjoy.

Peperoni Pizzeria - Tiramisu

Overall, I quite enjoyed the food at Peperoni Pizzeria. The food is on the pricey side but as mentioned earlier, the portion and quality makes up for that. It is probably the place you would go to celebrate a special occasion. On a Saturday night, it is not the kind of dining place you would seek if you are looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Peperoni Pizzeria (Greenwood)
6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Singapore 289195

Mondays to Saturdays: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm


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