Seoul : New York-Style Pizzas at Gangnam's Brick Oven Pizzeria

Brick Oven Pizza

27th November 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
Once again, recommended by SeoulEats, we head to Brick Oven Pizza in the Gangnam for a night snack. For once in Korea, we found someone who could speak fluent English and understood what we wanted as we made our order.

Brick Oven Pizza - Menu

We went for the New Yorker (42000 KRW), recommended by the waitress who was very informative and knew the pizzas well. Apparently, New York style pizzas are characterized by its light approach to sauces, huge size as well as its thin and flexible crust.

Brick Oven Pizza

True enough, our pizza was huge with generous toppings of Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Smoked Ham, Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Black Olives, Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Pizza Sauce. I was kind of disappointed by the sogginess of the crust but I wasn’t surprised given that there are a whole lot of ingredients on this pizza.

Brick Oven Pizza - New Yorker

I could barely taste the mozzarella in the pizza and the multitude of chunky ingredients meant that you had to eat them separately rather than as a whole. I think it is a matter of personal preference, I should have ordered something with fewer ingredients on it. This has too many things on it that it doesn’t seem like a pizza to me anymore. I am eating chunks of food separately with soggy dough towards the end of the meal and it gets monotonous after a while.

Brick Oven Pizza - New Yorker

Personally, I prefer more crunch to my pizza and a nice balance of cheese and tomatoes and most importantly being able to hold my pizza. Perhaps it is a characteristic of New York pizzas, I just find this too soft, soggy and thin to be enjoyed and with that amount of ingredients the pizza could barely hold them together.

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

강남구 역삼동 617-4 (2층)
Seoul, Korea 135-907

Take the subway to Gangnam Station (Exit 11) or Shin-Nonhyun Station (Exit 5).

Go to CGV building area, go up the inner street going uphill. Across the street from 100억 Cafe. 2nd floor.


  1. YUMMY! When I was still living with my auntie, we usually went out every Saturday and try those pizzerias in town. I'm sure you'll enjoy varieties of pizza when you visit different stores. I wonder what pizza will be served during the pizza party that my cousin will host later. I wish they'll have more toppings like the ones on your pics. :)


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