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Domo Sushi - Sushi Rolls

15th November 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
It is hard to find good proper sushi in Korea, Gimbap, a sushi look-alike is isn’t like sushi at all. Thanks to AnsanAnswers, we found Domo Sushi which serves Californian style sushi.

Domo Sushi - Potted Plants

The sushi here didn’t disappoint, they were really quite good and don’t underestimate them. You can get quite full after gobbling one or two maki rolls. Before the start of the meal, they will serve some Udon and Fishcake Soup to whet your appetite before serving up the stars of the meal : the sushi.

Domo Sushi - Udon
Domo Sushi - Udon

I had the California Roll (5000 KRW) which has plenty of flying fish roe toppings. Wrapped around a thick crab meat stick is nicely seasoned sushi rice.

Domo Sushi - California Roll

My friend has the Philadelphia Roll (7000 KRW) which is another maki style sushi with Crabstick, Cream Cheese and Salmon.

Domo Sushi - Philadelphia Roll

And we also had a Bamboo Roll. Originally we ordered the Rainbow Room, I think they mistook our order but we went along with the Bamboo Roll anyway. Presented on a round ceramic plate are chunky looking maki rolls with tempura batter. They have crab meat in it and topped with springy, juicy mini roe after which it was drizzled with copious amount of sweet sauce and chili sauce. It was pretty tasty actually and I kind of like the crunchy texture from the tempura batter.

Domo Sushi - Bamboo Roll

Domo Sushi (도모스시)
You can find the directions to Domo Sushi on AnsanAnswers.


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