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28th December 2012.
CX 411 | ICN – HKG
Cathay Pacific.
There are plenty of airline blogs that covers business class and first class (sometimes to the point that they almost routine-like like an inspection report). My initial post was a rather detailed one but I decided to scrap that and just focus on the highlights and my thoughts about this once-in-a-lifetime flight with Cathay Pacific.

Incheon International Airport
Asiana On It's Way

To be honest, the flight was almost flawless. One thing I observe for the flight is that they try their best to smile when serving the passenger but it faded away in a flash the moment they turned their heads away (it felt kind of unsettling). But considering the context and knowing a few people who are in this line of work. It is a tough job and with so many people to please, this is one really tough job….not to mention there was tension going on between Cathay Pacific management and the flight crew who threatened a “no-smile” strike just a couple of weeks before the flight before calling it off only a week ago.

A Mini TV
Remote Control for Your Screen
Customize Your Seat
Noise-Cancelling Headset

The moment you boarded the plane in the Business Class Cabin, you get greeted by the air stewardesses who would serve you a pre-flight drink. After a short while, we took off and the staff sprung in action starting off with a round of drinks and some cocktail nus to enjoy. I found a new favourite drink: the Cathay Delight, a kiwifruit based non-alcoholic drink with coconut juice and a touch of fresh mint.

Cathay Delight

While some critics felt that the seat is a like a “flying coffin”, I have no complaints about it and I could enjoy watching Simpsons in full comfort. I personally think Emirates still clinch the title for best variety in terms of entertainment options available on their AVOD.


After a short while, the meal service begun and a variety of warm bread were being offered. I picked a garlic toast and a bread roll.

Hallasan, Jeju-do

The starters consisted of Poached Angel Prawns with seaweed and plum mayonnaise and a Mixed Salad with Cherry Tomato and Marinated Capsicums with Italian Dressing.

Mixed Salad

Both of them are really good, the prawns remained succulent and I really like the addition of seaweed here which gave it an unami flavor.

Baked Crusted Mediterranean Sea Bass

For mains, I picked the Baked Crusted Mediterranean Sea Bass with Sauteed Kipfler Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables. This was very delicious too. The fish meat wasn’t dry at all and it was still succulent. The salty crust really helps to boost the flavours of the fish and the juicy tomatoes gave it a tangy, juicy “dressing” at such a high altitude conditions. Simply, put it was a clever choice of ingredients that worked very well.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

For dessert, I was being offered some cheese (which I declined) and fruits. I requested for an assortment which include strawberry, kiwi, honey dew and dragon fruit and got myself a glass of champagne. It was a Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne. I didn't like the fizzling sensation and it tasted kind of sour and potent for me, I guess I am just not into alcohol.

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

And that’s not all. The air stewardess appeared again and offered Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. We had the choice of a Cheesecake or Chocolate Fondant. I picked the Chocolate Fondant ice cream and enjoyed it along with the Simpsons. Pralines were being offered as well, and they are very generous with it.


About 3 and half hours into the flight, we finally descended into Hong Kong International Airport in the dusk. It was a rather bumpy landing.


For the service on this flight, the crew was very friendly and the service was excellent. Critically, they didn't clear the empty snack plate and empty glass efficiently but other than that, I had an excellent flight.


Nonetheless, it had been a tough time for Cathay Pacific recently due to tension arising from disputes between the air crew and the company, I am glad that despite the circumstances, the service remained top-notch and the high standards were being maintained.

Cathay Pacific

People. They make an airline.


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