Remembering Korea at SeoulRia (서울리아)

26th April 2013.
My friends wanted something different and affordable. I have been eating at Dezato so quite some time it’s a pity that I didn’t explore the options around Dezato such as Suzuki Ramen Bar and Seoulria, a quiet and casual Korean restaurant next to Dezato.

Seoulria - Mashed Potato
Seoulria - Kimchi
Seoulria - Beansprouts

To be honest, the food here is not bad at all and tasted like the food I had back in Korea during my exchange. The meal started off with some simple banchan of kimchi, vegetables, bean sprouts and mashed potato. The kimchi however is sweeter and probably tuned for local taste rather than the sour and spicy ones I am familiar with in Korea. But the best part of the banchan: it is refillable!

Seoulria - Beef Bulgogi

Like a classic Korean meal, we ordered a Beef Bulgogi to share. It was served bubbling hot on a stove that they placed on our table. Wow, that really brought back memories of the hot pot stews we had in those quaint Korean jjigae restaurants. Tastewise, I thought it was pretty close to the beef bulgogi I had back in Korea.

Seoulria - Seafood Pancake

We also ordered another Korean classic, the Seafood Pancake also known haemul pajeon, which was really delicious. The batter was pan-fried to the right texture, moist and juicy in the center and crispy on the outside. The pancake was packed with chives but they aren’t that generous with the seafood.

22 Lorong Telok 01-01
Singapore 049034


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