Ikkousha Ramen in Singapore's Bugis+

24th May 2013.
Ever since I had Ikkousha at Kyoto Station, I have always wanted to try the Singapore branch, hoping to get that divine ramen experience I had at the Kyoto branch. Priced at 17 plus for a bowl of their special ramen after taxes, Bugis+ Ikkousha’s is hell lot more expensive that the 950 Yen bowl of ramen in Japan, so it better be good.

Bugis+ - Ikkousha Ramen

Thankfully, it was an enjoyable bowl of ramen. The Special Ramen has the springy, smooth noodles that I remembered, the strips of ajitama, the sprinkle of spring onions, the eggs with a molten egg yolk and most importantly, the rich, milky and addictive pork broth. The char siew slices however, was as tender as I remembered and it was slightly rougher than I remembered.

Bugis+ - Ikkousha Ramen

Overall, I think the Ikkousha Special Ramen (16.50 SGD) tasted pretty close to the one I had in Japan. Mu Yao thought it was too salty for his taste though but added that with some chili powder, it was much better.

Ramen Champion (Bugis+)
Ikkousha (一幸舎)
201 Victoria Street
#04-10 Bugis+


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