Maccha House 抹茶館 : A Piece of Kyoto in Singapore

Maccha House

11th January 2013.
Maccha House hails from Kyoto, Japan under the Tokyo-based create restaurants holdings. The Kyoto branch is a modern looking café that serves a variety of matcha desserts and teas at Kyoto’s Mosiac Dining located at Shijo Kawaramachi, located just across Gion, over the Kamogawa.

Shijo Kawaramachi

Fortunately with its new branch in Singapore (just opened in 15th December 2012), you don’t have to spend 600-800 SGD to fly to Osaka then take a train to Kyoto to enjoy its gourmet offerings.

Maccha House

Located at the basement of Somerset’s Orchard Central (designed by my tutor!) is a promising Maccha House branch that serves up pretty good matcha desserts and beverages (as well as hot food such as ramen).

Maccha House - Matcha Parfait with Mochi

I had the Matcha Parfait with Mochi (9.49++ SGD), an adequate serving of matcha ice cream with azuki beans, green tea jelly, cereals, mocha, tangerine wedges and a stick of love letter. Honestly, it was good and not too far off from those I tried in the matcha paradise of Uji. In fact, the addition of cereals which provide a really nice crunch and contrast of textures (paired with quality green tea ice cream) makes it even better than some parfait that I had in Japan.

Maccha House - Matcha Latte (Cold)

The Matcha Latte (both cold and hot) is pretty good too. It has a nice balance of both fragrant matcha flavor and milk. It was a really nice after meal or tea time drink that soothes the mind and body.

Maccha House - Matcha Latte (Hot)

We also had a dessert of Matcha Ice Cream Anmitsu served with azuki, green tea jelly, tangerine and mocha which came with a cup of really fragrant brown tea as well as green tea syrup. Once again, it was really good.

Maccha House - Matcha Ice Cream

The desserts are admittedly not cheap but given its quality, I thought it was money well-spent. We did experienced a few service hiccups like giving us the wrong number and making us waited for a long time for our orders and forgetting to provide a spoon for the hot matcha latte. But given that it’s still a rather infant outlet and seeing that the café seemed sincere in improving with a supervisor guiding the new staff and them being apologetic for the hiccup, I think things will get better. If it does and the food continue to be as good or even better than what we had, Orchard Central will have another attractive F&B outlet added to its portfolio.

Maccha House - Jasmine Tea

Maccha House
11:00 – 22:00
#B1-40, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore, Singapore 238896



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