Reunion at Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road - Chuan Kee Satay

31st December 2012.
The first thing I want to eat badly the moment I arrive in Singapore was hawker food. Satay, rojak, BBQ Sting Ray, I miss them all. I was so glad that I finally got to reunite with these good old hawker dishes at Old Airport Road Food Centre. If I need to name a “Best of 2012”, hawker food at Old Airport Road Food Centre would easily be the top, cheap, delicious and a huge variety, what could possibly be better?

Old Airport Road - Mattar Road BBQ Seafood

Four months ago, before I left for South Korea, I had my grand feast here including Chili Crab from Mattar Road BBQ Seafood, recommended by ieatishootipost. It was great and we brought our own bread to finish up the tasty, nutty, sweet and spicy chili gravy. My mum was seemingly addicted to it.

Old Airport Road - Mattar Road BBQ Seafood

4 months later, I was back at Mattar Road BBQ Seafood for another of their delicious dish: the BBQ Sambal Stingray. The portion maybe small but it was nicely grilled. The meat has soaked up all the flavours of sambal marinade and the sauce was tangy and spicy. With a squeeze of lime juice, it was a piece of heaven.

Old Airport Road - Chuan Kee Satay

Chuan Kee Satay is another stall that I revisited, its satay grilled to the right doneness. Be it mutton, pork or chicken, I enjoyed it all. The meat are so tender and the well-marinated.

Old Airport Road - Lao Ban

Out of curiosity, I also tried the Lao Ban Beancurd. Perhaps, it’s me, but I don’t enjoy it a single bit. I prefer the traditional bean curd, Lao Ban’s Beancurd is different, it resembles a soy pudding rather than “beancurd” to me.

Old Airport Road - Toa Payoh Rojak

Lastly, I had the Toa Payoh Rojak, a well-mixed and flavourful salad-like dish. A bit too much gravy for me but otherwise still decent rojak.

Old Airport Road - Sugarcane Juice

For a hawker meal, it would be a sin to give the Sugarcane Juice a miss!

Old Airport Road Food Centre
19 Old Airport Road  Singapore 390019

Mattar Road Seafood Barbeque

Chuan Kee Satay

Lao Ban

Toa Payoh Rojak


  1. i put on some weight in canada, and put on even more weight while stuffing myself in sg D: haha hawker food is the best!

  2. haha yeap no doubt about hawker food, its the best! ;)


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