Ansan : Oritang 오리탕

소담골 오리마을 - 오리탕

4th December 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
While I was in Korea I realized beef and pork are the meat staples here. Chicken is normally in fried form and duck is in smoked form. Hence, when I spotted oritang 오리탕, also known as Duck Soup, I was tempted to try it. Oritang 오리탕 is apparently a specialty of Gyeonggi-do province as well as Jeollanam-do. The soup was prepared by simmering duck slowly with vegetables. Some articles described it as a clear soup but at 소담골 오리마을 it was has red chili powder and roasted perilla seeds added into it. The result is a slightly thick and hearty stew with tender duck meat in it. It was mildly spicy and a little sourish.

소담골 오리마을 - 오리탕

Along with the soup there were also banchan such as quail eggs and picked vegetables to go with the rice and oritang.

소담골 오리마을 - Steamed Eggs
소담골 오리마을 - Banchan
소담골 오리마을 - Quail Eggs

Sodamgol Orimaeul
소담골 오리마을
경기도 광주시 목현동 715
The restaurant is located along the road leading down to a church near the river, on the Mr Pizza side. While there are no English menus, there was a lady who could speak Mandarin. The oritang cost 6000 KRW.


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