Ansan : Waffles from Moku Moku (머꼬머꼬)

머꼬머꼬 - Interior

3rd December 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
I waffles I had back in NUS when I was doing my exchange in HYU. Thankfully there was 머꼬머꼬  which serves waffles as well. 머꼬머꼬‘s waffles are different from the ones in NUS, it is biscuit-like and very crispy. On top of that, the owner adds this caramel-peanut butter syrup thing which was insanely addictive. On a side note, the Cappuccino here is not bad.

머꼬머꼬 - Waffle
머꼬머꼬 - Waffle

It was also outside 머꼬머꼬 where we saw our first snowfall. My studio mate went crazy at the sight of it. It was hilarious.

머꼬머꼬 - First Snow

Moku Moku
It is located near the entrance to Hanyang University ERICA Campus. It is next to the GS25 and bookstore, along the same street as Café Windmill.


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